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Coffs Harbour Squadron was formed back in the 1995's. Through the years, the squadron has had its ups and downs but has grown stronger and more determined by each turn.

The Coffs Harbour Boys Squadron meets every Wednesday, whilst the Coffs Harbour Girls Squadron meets every Thursday, except during the school holidays. Each night the members take part in team building activities, education lectures and learn self discipline, helping them grow into their future. The league offers education programs simple enough for our youngest members right up to our more senior members. Courses range from "what makes an aircraft fly?" to "aero engines" to "public speaking" to "astronomy". Courses are under five dollars and span over five to six weeks. The cadet then sits an exam and on passing, receives a badge to put on their uniform.

The cadets (ages 8 to 17) love to know that their parents and peers are looking down on them and watching them learn. The league doesn't limit its intake to children. Adults are also encouraged to join and take part in running the squadron and its activities as an officer. If you can't see yourself as an officer, the squadron has a committee open for everyone to join.

If you are interested is gaining more information, please contact us.

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